Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wild Ones Prairie Tour

The property toured was bare farmland in Kaukauna when the homeowners built their home in 2006. They seeded their mound in November 2006 and reseeded it in May 2007 due to a January rain which washed out most of the seed. A ½ acre L-shapedprairie that was seeded in October 2008 with a path running through the middle. A windbreak was established along the outer borders of the prairie by planting 4 rows of a variety of mainly native trees and shrubs.  The foundation plantings consist of a combination of natives and non-natives plants.

A rain garden was planted earlier this summer using the planting list from Prairie Nursery for a 16'x14' (192 sq ft) rain garden in full sun in clay soil which will handle a rooftop run off for a 950 square foot roof area.

7 Red Milkweed
12 New England Aster
1 White False Indigo
7 Blue Flag Iris
8 Prairie Blazingstar
8 Wild Quinine
7 Smooth Penstemon
8 Yellow Coneflower
2 Sweet Black Eyed Susan
12 Stiff Goldenrod
8 Ironweed
8 Culver's Root

96 Fox Sedge

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