Monday, July 14, 2014

Emergency Shelter Garden Walk's "Garden of Readin'"

The Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley, Inc., held its 24th Annual Garden Walk as on July 12, 2014, a cloudy, cooler, day, ideal for exploring 7 unique and beautitful gardens.   The Emergency Shelter uses the proceeds of the fundraiser to help provide temporary shelter to homeless individuals and families in a safe environment, while providing guidance to those both homeless and at-risk promoting independence.  

I was assigned to help out at the Neubauer's Garden as a Master Gardener volunteer. The Neubauer's Garden of Readin' theme reflects the homeowner's years nurturing a love of reading in local school as a reading specialist. Statuary and artwork with a reading them is scattered throughout the garden.  Annuals started indoors under lights months ago provide pops of color in flowerbeds and numerous containers throughout the growing season.  A lovely space to relax and read a good book, the garden is also a welcoming habitat for birds and butterflies.

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