Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Charming Graden on the 2014 Emergency Shelter Garden Walk

As a gal who loves the shades of turquise and teal colors reminiscent of ocean waters, I just had to sneak a peek at a garden rumored to display the use of a teal color theme remarkably effectively.   The teal front door and a teal bicycle parked on the front lawn only hint at the colorful sight to be discovered as the visitor walks up the driveway and rounds the corner to the back yard.  

A garden path as it winds around   Beautifully repurposed items you may not normally think of as outdoor decor find their place seamlessly along the garden pathways, fences and walls of the Elias garden.Next, you come 
to the raised vegetable beds that are guarded by the always vigilant lady scarecrows. 

A garden path winds by a multitude of unique items
constructed of repurposed materials and painted teal
by the homeowners including a fairy house
constructed of old windows in one corner of the yard.
Mirrors with teal frames and teal buuterflies decorate the
fence between climbing plants providing an enchanting
vertical backdrop for colorful plants and glass yard art. 

Note the rain barrel and watering can at the back of
"The Lady Lounge"
The ‘Lady Lounge’ is getaway that allows the homeowners
 to sit in comfort viewing the fruits of their labors. 
Step inside "The Lady Lounge"

An outdoor rug made of hoses
Old doors connected to create a screen to hide garden equipment

And let's not forget about the outhouse
with the turquoise door
Yet this average-sized city lot is so well-laid-out that
there is room for a number of raised beds fenced in
and watched over by this lady scarecrow 

The wife offers some of her glass creations for sale at :

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