Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Solaris Farms road trip

Solaris Farms is a family-owned nursery and American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden, offering Hemerocallis (daylilies), Paeonia (peonies) and Lilium (true lilies).  Their mission in hybridizing is...better plant, better scapes and better flowers in that order!  Solaris Farms is located nearby in Reedsville, Wisconsin, with our harsh winter climate that experiences greater than normal freeze-thaw cycles, icing and exposure.  Our area often  acks snow cover during early winter and spring testing the durability of plants in Solaris' fields. Solaris Farms is working on programs involving clear vibrant colors and superior northern plant habits.
Solaris Farms sells bare root daylily and Lilium plants during the summer months which are freshly dug upon request. Customers are welcome to wander the rows in the fields in July and August to view the daylilies and Lilium they may want to purchase. Peonies are also available, dug for bare root sale in the fall of the year.

Lovely lilies
A path of stepping stones with embedded seashells
winding through the display gardens
Metal lilies hidden amongst tall lilies
Solaris Farm's bottle tree
Metal birds hiding in the lilies

Clematis climbing amongst lilies
Betty Corning Clematis

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