Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flower Recipe Book

The Flower Recipe Book begins with tips for tools and techniques to make arrangements last as long as possible.

Recipes for using 43 different types of flowers-from alliums to zinnias-on their own, with complementary buds and for special occasions follow. Each recipe lists the “ingredients” (number and varieties of flowers and foliage), suggesting an appropriate vessel for displaying them. A series of four pictures alongside specific instructions walk you through the steps of assembling the arrangement.

Studio Choo's flower arrangements in it run the gamut of styles and techniques: some are wild and some are structured; some are time-intensive and some are astonishingly simple. Ingredient lists specify the type and quantity of blooms needed; clear instructions detail each step; and 400 photos show how to place every stem. Readers will learn how to work with a single variety of flower to great effect, and to create vases overflowing with layered blooms. 

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