Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wreath Factory celebrates 30 years!

Last Wednesday, the Wreath Factory, one of my favorite local garden centers, hosted a party to celebrate their 30th year in business in Plymouth, Wisconsin.   We were fortunate to be on their mailing list to receive an invistation.  We enjoyed pizza baked in their wood-burning oven along with broasted chicken (a Wisconsin favorite cooked in the patented Broaster, a pressurized fryer) and refreshing beverages to quench our thirst on one of the hottest days of the year.

Dancing bears great you as you enter the Wreath Factory
hinting at the playful items you'll find offered for sale
in addition to the large selection of the latest plant introductions
as well as some old favorites.

A unique fountain iconstructed of wheel barrows

Unique floral arrangements adorned the tables scattered
throughout the garden center.  This one had daylilies anchored
with tomatoes in a clear glass vase

The Wreath Factory is located on Wisconsin 5 , northeast of downtown Plymouth.

The Wreath Factory has a second location closer to our home on Main Street in Menasha, with a smaller selcetion of plants, focusing more on seasonal wreaths, floral arrangements and garden accessories.

Do stop by if you're in the area.  They have a real flair for creating unique displays demonstrating the latest gardening and decorating trends that I've been seeing featured in recent editions of my favorite magazines.   (No, I have no vested interest in their success, aside from hoping they prosper and grow in their current locations to continue delighting us with their appealing items for sale and creative ideas for displaying them.)

Inspired by the dylily arrangement at the Wreath Factory, I created this simple arrangement when a few flowers dropped off the plants when I was weeding.

I'll have to learn how to use this container, purchased years ago at a craft fair, for Ikebana arrangements as intended, sometime this coming winter.

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