Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Good Earth Farm CSA

For the 3rd year we are purchasing produce shares from a local CSA, Good Earth Farms located in Oakfield, WI.  We pick up our small share every Thusday afternoon during the growing season.

    "Good Earth Farm is a diversified vegetable farm operated by farmers Joe and Nicole Schauer.  The farm grew out of the rural couple’s expanding vegetable garden and a friend’s offer to purchase extra produce in 2004.  Since then, local food-lovers purchasing seasonal shares of weekly delivered farm produce have grown from 13 in 2006 to more than 250 in 2012.  Once “City Folk,” the couple is now firmly rooted as farmers, along with the three children they have “grown” on their farm."

    We are a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.  We choose to market our produce through CSA for a reason: direct connection with the people who purchase what we grow.   Our members have opportunities to visit the farm, work on the farm, talk with us, and see the operation.   We feel strongly that knowing where food comes from and knowing your farmer are essential to a successfully functioning food system.
    The Good Earth Farm CSA program will feed about 250 families in 2013.  That's over 800 people eating fresh produce grown on 12 acres of land in their own community.  

My CSA Challenge to myself: to use produce from the weekly share to prepare old favorites, new dishes with a special emphasis on exploring foreign cuisine and healthier fare.  I will try to record at least one seasonal recipe we especially enjoyed each week.

!st week of July

Strawberries, summer squash, sugar snap peas, bunched greens, salad mix, purple mini-onions, and head lettuce

Last week of June

Strawberries, summer squash, Asian greens, salad mix, peas shoots, scallions, yukia savoy, head lettuce & broccolI


mixed greens
green onions
strawberry slices
chopped pecans 
goat cheese crumbles
(chicken chunks-opt.)
Maple Grove Farms Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette  (or Wasabi Dijon Dressing) 

Late June - Out of Town - No pick-up

First week mid-June

Bok choy, red kale, salad mix, popcorn, flowering onions, herb packs (seedlings to plant)

Challenge for this week was to get the 9 herbs in the herb pack planted outside in my herb garden and in pots inside

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