Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where should we install the Little Free Library?

The bed with the rather sparse spruce tree will be expanded to the left as you face the front of the house towards the road to create a landscaped area to install the Little Free Library and a bench for sitting to peruse books available to "take" along from the library.

The plants already in the bed on the west side of the spruce include:
   spruce tree
   3 red twig dogwood  
   3 grass clumps
   iris (coneflower, shasta daisy, agastache, salvia, lavender, peony, sedum, euphorbia, geranium) 
   shasta daisies (catmint, yarrow, coreopsis 'Sun Ray", sedum-autumn)
   coreopsis verticillata (coneflower, veronica 'Sunny Blue Border',  Salvia 'May Night')
   coneflower (butterfly weed, Russian sage, black-eyed Susan)
   veronica  (Coneflower, shasta daisy, coreopsis verticillata, NE aster, yarrow, Black-eyed Susan)

Want to add:
   yellow butterflies magnolia
   Bartzella peony
   climbing rose
   milkweed (Veronica, grasses, Siberian iris, amsonia hubrichtii) - to attract monarchs
   lady's mantle (spiderwort, Siberian iris, Balloon flower, corydalis, salvia, heuchera)

Expanded planting bed with benches and flagstone path installed awating completion of Little Free Library.

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