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Plants becoming invasive in Wisconsin

"A weed is a plant
that is not only in the wrong place,
but intends to stay."
~by Sara Stein

The Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin's (IPAW)  mission is to promote better stewardship of the natural resources of Wisconsin by advancing the understanding of invasive plants and encouraging the control of their spread. Invasive plants invade native plant communities and wild areas, and displace or replace native vegetation, thereby threatening the entire native ecosystem. The goal of the organization is to restore natural communities and vegetation.

Weeds and invasive plants are "plants out of place", but an invasive plants encroach into forests, roadsides, and prairies.  Ironically, many invasive plants get their foothold through well-meaning gardeners who introduce the species as a lovely accent to their gardens. Many of these plants come from foreign lands and do not have the natural controls here that a native plant has, taking over  the garden and then, by propagating via the wind, through deep-set runners and by the cooperation of willing birds carrying the seeds, more distant places.

IPAW's Working List of Invasive Plants of Wisconsin

Scientific NameCommon NameObsMean 
Dist Level
Growth Form

Acer platanoidesNorway maple153.7510.1785Tree

Alliaria petiolataGarlic Mustard449.37512.5595Forb

Arctium minusCommon burdock383.26386.3888Forb

Berberis thunbergiiJapanese barberry293.7510.7142Shrub

Bromus inermisSmooth brome366.47059.9285Grass

Campanula rapunculoidesCreeping bellflower113.63635.6818Forb

Celastrus orbiculatusOriental bittersweet146.259.423Vine

Centaurea maculosaSpotted knapweed447.56.4285Forb

Cirsium arvenseCanada thistle446.256.5625Forb

Convallaria majalisLily-of-the-valley135.769210.2083Forb
Convolvulus arvensisField bindweed242.27275.0Forb, Vine
Cornilla variaCrown vetch377.91667.6428Forb, Vine
Crepis tectorumHawksbeard133.86365.0Forb
Daucus carotaQueen Annes lace383.78576.9117Forb
Dipsacus laciniatusCut-leaved teasel157.06.7857Forb
Dipsacus sylvestrisCommon teasel185.83335.9722Forb
Elaeagnus angustifoliaRussian olive154.23078.125Tree, Shrub

Elaeagnus umbellataAutumn olive196.66668.3333Shrub
Elytrigia repensQuackgrass305.60347.3214Grass
Epipactis helleborineHelleborine orchid122.511.75Forb
Euphorbia cyparissiasCypress spurge185.41668.3333Forb
Euphorbia esulaLeafy spurge298.26928.4615Forb
Festuca elatiorTall fescue105.6258.0555Grass
Glechoma hederaceaCreeping Charlie193.82357.5Forb

Hemerocallis fulvaOrange daylily135.07.2727Forb
Hesperis matronalisDame's rocket335.85938.5483Forb
Hieracium aurantiacumOrange hawkweed284.44449.7222Forb
Hieracium caespitosumYellow hawkweed114.08.5Forb
Hypericum perforatumSt. John's wort322.33337.9464Forb
Iris pseudacorusYellow iris153.57148.75Forb

Leonurus cardiacaMotherwort192.55.9722Forb
Lonicera maackiiAmur honeysuckle138.333310.8333Shrub
Lonicera morrowiiMorrow's honeysuckle218.37511.5789Shrub
Loricera tataricaTartarian honeysuckle338.515611.0156Shrub

Lonicera x bellaBell's honeysuckle148.928512.3214Shrub
Lotus corniculatusBird's-foot trefoil324.76565.4687Forb

Lysimachia nummulariaMoneywort125.681810.625Forb

Lythrum salicariaPurple loosestrife459.318111.6279Forb

Melilotus albaWhite sweet clover416.90789.5394Forb

Melilotus officinalisYellow sweet clover416.60259.5394Forb

Morus albaWhite mulberry152.83338.1666Tree

Myosotis scorpioidesForget-me-not174.3758.75Forb

Myriophyllum spicatumEurasian watermilfoil259.270811.7391Forb

Pastinaca sativaWild parsnip406.6258.9473Forb

Phalaris arundinacea (nn)Reed canary grass (nn)479.893611.6489Grass

Phragmites australis (nn)Common reed grass (nn)168.43759.2187Grass

Pinus sylvestrisScotch pine132.69239.1666Tree

Poa compressaCanada bluegrass232.510.5681Grass

Poa pratensisKentucky bluegrass344.765610.0Grass

Polygonum cuspidatumJapanese knotweed177.65625.1562Forb

Populus albaWhite poplar105.58.5Tree

Potamogeton crispusCurly-leaf pondweed185.333312.5Forb

Rhamnus catharticaCommon buckthorn409.276312.0394Shrub, Tree

Rhamnus frangulaGlossy buckthorn258.958312.7083Shrub

Robinia pseudoacaciaBlack locust337.510.9375Tree

Rosa multifloraMultiflora rose276.538410.4166Shrub

Rumex acetosellaSheep sorrel213.15787.7631Forb

Saponaria officinalisSoapwort193.33336.3888Forest

Solanum dulcamaraClimbing nightshade193.33337.9166Forb

Tanacetum vulgareTansy224.21055.125Forb

Trifolium pratenseRed clover293.16.7307Forest

Trifolium repensWhite clover292.95.673Forest

Typha angustifoliaNarrow-leaved cattail217.3759.125Forest

Typha x glaucaHybrid cattail117.72729.0909Forest

Ulmus pumilaSiberian elm174.84377.9687Tree, Shrub

Vinca minorCommon periwinkle106.8757.5Forb, Vine

ObsObservationsThe number of survey respondents.
 Mean ImpactMean ImpactThe average scores for the variables.
 0 = Little or no ecological impact
10 = Invades and replaces native communities
Mean Dist LevelMean Disturbance LevelThe average scores for the variables.
0 = Only in sites disturbed within the last 3 years
20 = In high-quality, undisturbed natural areas 

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