Friday, August 30, 2013

Fond du Lac garden tour

Wild Ones members also toured the Fuller's Fond du Lac yard, a long acre, 100'x375'.   When the owners bought the acre it was flat with 3 trees and a mess of buckthorn, some of which they still find sprouting in the yard.   They have added elderberry, high-bush cranberry, several species of dogwood, many flowers and edibles over the years.  

Front of house from curb 
As you move toward the back yard there are woodland gardens on both north and south (shaded part) sides. There are two ponds.  One contains koi.  Next to the larger koi pond was a small bog type garden which containing several varieties of ferns along with a few bottle gentian and marsh marigold, but it has gotten shady so some of species have passed on. They are in the process of starting another one in a sunnier location.  Both ponds have plantings in and surrounding them that are a combination of natives and non-natives. 

The other pond is a natural style pond created by the owners, lovingly known as the frog pond.
Moving on through the yard toward the back half acre are some grassy areas, more perennial beds and a series of raised bed gardens which support vegetable gardens and berry plants, along with bee hives. Also in the back part of the yard we have a section of prairie. 

Edible plants are scattered throughout the yard complementing the flowers and shrubs in the beds where they're planted.

Purple kale and tomatoes are among the edibles included
 in this garden bed.

The trees and shrubs are all a combination of natives and non-natives they planted to support wildlife, especially birds.



Carefully placed tharoughout the gardens are whimsical yard art focal points, many crafted by local Wisconsin artists.











The yard contains several sculptures - combining art and nature.




Succulents growing out of holes in large boulders
Sadly, the time to leave and allow the homeowners to relax and enjoy the furits of their labors came all too quickly

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