Saturday, September 6, 2014

Insect yard art

A few insects of the yard art variety are scattered throughout the garden just for fun.

Large butterfly
Another butterfly

A buterfly (or moth) with a big belly?
A bee buzzing in the daisies 

A happy ladybug
A ladybug that glows in the dark

Dragonflies in background
flying above borage
Dragonfly (in upper left corner)
A flying insect with bells on its legs that tinkle in the breeze

Not quite sure what kind of critter
this is meant to be, but he was hard to
resist when we were picking up some
yard art at going out of business sale
we stumbled across in Door County
a few years ago.

This little guy lost one of his wings in an accident with
 the riding mower. 
A "daddy long legs" maybe?
While I realize spiders are not actually insects, belonging to the arachnid family, with their 8 legs, they are a common sight in our yard.  While many neighbors hire pest companies to spray to kill off unwanted insects, I prefer opting for a more environmentally friendly approach.  The spiders are actually catch quite a few lakeflies and other bothersome insects in their webs.

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