Monday, March 31, 2014

What gardeners were buying at the WI Master Gardener Conference

Some gardeners seemed anxious to add some color
 to their homes while we continue to wait for warmer
weather to get things growing  
The Gathered Earth (located at Lowney's in the Fox Cities area)
offered a great selection of colorful miniature items to brighten
up our fairy gardens.
While we still wait for the ground to thaw
enough to get out planting, many of us were
enticed by the beauty of the orchids offered
by Goin' to Pot Orchids
Many of us may be trying to create our own succulent art
after seeing this wonderful living picture frame by
 Victoria's Garden Decor. Unique colorful wood furniture,
sand-casted concrete leaf birdbaths, and concrete trellise
are also produced by this delightful couple.

In addition to painted log bird feeders by Erin Culligan and slumped glass
feeders made by her students. Leif Kutschera, a sophomore at Menasha High,
offered beautiful fused glass art.  His suncatchers have been carried at the
local Bergstrom-Mahler Museum for 3 years and his jewelry, suncatchers,
ornaments, dishes, and plates  can be found at the Plaid Squirrel in Brohtertown
for those who missed the chance to purchas his work.

Our own Outagamie Master Gardeners were selling some beautiful heucheras
and hostas to be planted by gardeners inspired by Dan Heims presentations.
Some of us were drawn by the faint sweet scent of lily bulbs being sold by
Oak Valley Farm from Minnesota-so many choices, so hard to decide!
Magpie Bakery for the Birds offered reasonably priced treats for the hungry
 birds returning to our yards
And Daniel Spielvogel sold darling birdhouses made of natural materials
… while sold ceramic birdhouses and vases.
Some gardeners are looking forward to the sparkle of glass art
by Our Garden Path Designs in their gardens, while others
picked up some stepping stones  from Stone Crete anticipating
 muddy days to come.
Toads will be discovering colorful new abodes.
Dragonflies and golf club birds by Melby
 Works will be new additions to some yards.

Others will be adding their gracebull swans to their yards.
Deer fashioned of sheet metal by Jim Hatton
will be acquiring an appealing rusted color
outdoors in yards around the area.
Gardeners will be enjoying the ease of
weeding, cultivatins, scalping, edging,
digging, furrowing, planting, transplanting
de-thatching, and harvesting with the
the Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator
-"think of the CobraHead® blade as a
"steel fingernail®" (an appealing image
for those of us gardeners whose nails
remain short and brokenthroughout
the growing season.)

Treadlight Gardens was offering a sturdy new tool
to try for cultivating gardens.
To preserve some of the beauty from our gardens this year to enjoy during
our next long, cold winter, some of us were tempted to purchased flower
presses and paper making kits offered by Arnold Grummers.
Unfortunately, I will not be snuggling beneath the gorgeous wildflower quilt,
lovingly crafted by one of our members, that was raffled off at the event.

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