Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 garden features and future planning

"Really, this is the very worst time of year to be making plans. Winter in these climes keeps a person trapped inside for so long that by the time February comes around one is positively delusional with grandiose plans for the coming year." 

--Posted by Rundy under 'Wishlist' 2/14/04

A more structured review of my landscape should help me prioritize my garden activities in the months ahead.

Over the past 5 years I have incorporate a variety of elements into our landscape including:

  • herb garden (sage, tarragon, anise hyssop, oregano, thyme, lemon balm, lavender, chives, walking onion,…)
  • raised vegetable bed (tomatoes, peppers, squash planted annually)                                            square foot gardening techniques
  • fruit bed (cherry tree, strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries)
  • compost bin
  • hybrid tea rose bed
  • hummingbird bed (including hummingbird feeders filled with sugar solution)
  • oriole feeder (holds orange halves)
  • bird friendly area (platform & tube feeders, shrubs with berries provide shelter too)
  • native bed 
    • monarch way station-milkweed & nectar plants
    • host & nectar plants for butterflies & other pollinators
    • plants with seeds & berries for birds & birdhouses
    • plants that tolerate moist conditions along front edge of bed to allow bed to function as "rain garden" preventing water from running into drainage ditch that flows into lake
  • contracted & supervised construction of rock retaining wall to reinforce existing concrete retaining wall 
  • contracted & supervised construction on water feature including pond and waterfall
  • contracted & supervised construction of sand beach by pond
  • contracted & supervised construction of permeable path & fire pit
  • perennials planted in beds adjacent to pond
  • hosta bed
  • butterfly beds-host & nectar plants
  • hosta borders
  • shrub rose borders
  • evergreen foundation plantings
  • bulb bed by mailbox (narcissus, day lilies, angelina sedum)
  • perennial bed surrounding large spruce
Annual tasks
  • add annual herbs (basil, rosemary,…)
  • plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, …
  • move selected potted plants outdoors for summer (mint, yellow hibiscus…)
  • dig & divide for Master Gardener plant sale
  • prune dead wood & crossing branches
  • encourage rabbit(s) to relocate
  • discourage deer from browsing

Some additions I'm considering adding:
  • rain barrel-need to finish painting, cut downspout to attach barrel, attach hose to spigot on barrel
  • purple martin house-have house, hole dug in fall-need to locate pole that will allow house to be attached securely
  • compass bed designed to aid in orientation of plantings
  • sundial to aid in estimating time while working in garden
  • Little Free Library-add glass window, consider drainage issues for green roof, paint with nature-themed design, waterproof, plant succulents on roof, collect books
  • expand native plant bed 
"Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
~Robert Louis Stevenson 

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