Friday, June 28, 2013

Participation in The Impatient Gardener's Garden Appreciation Society

One of my favorite bloggers, Erin at The Impatient Gardener, has started The Garden Appreciation Society, claiming:

 "Too many of us are "tight" with the beauty that our gardens produce. We only allow ourselves to enjoy it in situ. The goal of The Garden Appreciation Society is to allow ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our gardening labor in more places.  I won't make you take a pledge, wear a funny hat (unless that's your thing) or take hours away from your weeding gardening time. All you have to do is snip a few flowers or a few leaves, or SOMETHING from your yard and bring it inside to enjoy in a different way. Snap a picture of it, post it on your blog, a photo site (i.e. Flickr, etc.) or even Facebook (make sure you have that photo's settings on public so we can see) and then link it up.  It's not about floral design or photography. It's about enjoying our gardens in a new way."

I've cut some red lilies and added white allium and blue campanula to create an arrangement celebrating the Fourth of July.  I took some photos and will try to upload them to her website along with the other contributions for week 7, following the directions at:

Success!  My photo is the 9th photo uploaded on week 7 of Erin's challenge.  I find Erin's arrangements particularly inspiring as she gardens a few hours south of me in zone 5a in Wisconsin, so have similar plant material to work with each week.   Hoping more gardeners will join the fun as the season progresses.   This was just the encourgement I needed to harvest some of the bounty to bring the outside into our home.

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