Friday, May 17, 2013

Purple martins overhead

We noticed purple martins swoooping overhead late this afternoon.  They were resting in rows on the white gutters at the edge of the roof, periodically diving off and circling overhead.  Were they possibly attracted by the swarms of lake flies,  though the flies were seemingly lower in number today as the rain continued to fall?  Like all other swallows, they are aerial insectivores.

Nearby High Cliff State Park, here in Sherwood,  has a very active purple martin colony with 54 holes available.  We have yet to install the purple martin house I bought last year, but now that we've seen the purple martins overhead again this year, I am anxious to get out and put ours up soon.
High Cliff State Park
High Cliff State Park marina

After adding a bird house I had recently repaired to the native plant bed, I noticed quite a bit of activity nearby.  Upon closer examination, I found a purple martin family had established residency there.

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